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Brushing Teeth: Hot Water vs Cold Water

I was reading Facebook the other day and I saw a survey on Facebook which ask which was preferred Hot or Cold water when brushing your teeth. Before I tell you what won I was wondering what you think?

To many this may be a stupid survey but I am really interested in it because I was wondering if it is just a girl/guy thing or if it is just a preference people just have.

I know people who have false teeth usual soak them in hot water but when you brush your teeth usually you have a different choice. My guess is that either it is a preference or it is a girl/guy thing.

Some people think if you use hot water when brushing your teeth you kill more germs because of the heat. Then there are other people who say that it doesn’t make any difference because the hot water doesn’t really kill anything. The tooth paste is what does the most work, right?

Maybe we have some dental assistants out there of some dental hygienist who clean teeth for a living who could give us a clearer picture as to why we should do one over the other.

Well I will see what you say and then we will know what we knew to do to keep our teeth clean and safe.

Thanks in advance for your help with this issue.

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