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If you have known me for anytime at all you have heard me say that prayer is us talking to God and reading our Bible is God talking to us.

What I wanted to write today is something that might be a help to you in getting your prayers answered. We all want to get our prayers answered but there are a few things that might hinder our prayers.

First it is very important that you confess any known sin in your life before making a request to God. The Bible tells us if we regard iniquity in our heart the Lord will not hear you. Make sure that your heart is in the right place and you have confessed all known sins. Ask God to reveal to you any sins that you don’t remember and when the Holy Spirit reminds you confess them.

Second if you have any problems between you and anyone you know that have not been cleared up you need to get these matters corrected. We can’t expect God to honor our prayers when we have bad feeling for another brother or sister in Christ.

Thirdly as you begin to pray you need to pray expecting to get an answer. You need to understand that if you pray for something that isn’t in God’s will you probably will not get it. I use to pray that someone would give me an expensive car but that wasn’t in God’s will and nobody ever gave me one. Also remember that God has several ways He will answer. His answer may be that you need to wait. It could be that you will get No as your answer. And then sometimes He says yes and gives you your request. Accept His answer as being what is best for you.

Fourthly, trust God to do what is best for you and leave it in His hands. You can keep praying for it but remember to be patient for His will.

I hope this has been helpful.

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