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Let's Talk About Bullies

Over the years I have been the recipient of bullies and so I know how it works.  When I was in High School at North Newton in Indiana I was bullied my several guys at school.

The person being bullied doesn’t normal tell anyone.  My reason was I didn’t want my Dad thinking I was a wimp and couldn’t take care of myself.  I also didn’t want him going to school and talking with the principal because that would only make matters worse.  (At least that was what I thought.}

I was picked on as I was a preacher’s son and I took some strong convictions that the other kids didn’t like.  I read my Bible while at school and I didn’t join in when the boys were in the locker room talking about their conquests with the loose girls.

I think if I knew someone who was being bullied I would encourage them to stand up for themselves.  Most bullies are surrounded by a bunch of boys or girls that stand by and watch them bully someone and so it looks like they are supporting them.  Actually they aren’t they just don’t want to be bullied so they pretend they are a friend to the bully.  If all of their backup support isn’t there they are a wimp.  (I wished I knew that back then.)

Having to stand up for myself has made me stronger.  Today I don’t let bullies bully me.  In each of the three churches I was a Pastor at I had a bully.  Each of them tried bullying me but lost because those who they thought would stand by and do nothing stood with me when I stood up to them.

Don’t allow a bully to bully you.  Stand up for yourself!  Ask God for help and do what is right.  God will bless you if you do what is right and not bow down to their level.

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Don’t hesitate to share with others or write me.

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