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A Very Scary Day During The Storm

I had a very scary day a few weeks back that I wanted to share with you. Kelly and I were planning our trip to the Smoky Mountains and there we many things that were happening that were causing that trip to be canceled. As you see from the post I put on my blog the trip wasn’t canceled.

I was getting ready to go pick up a soda for Kelly and take it to her work. When I went out to the truck a man was out there from Ameren Electric. He said they were changing the meters and it would only take about two minutes. I went in the house and shutdown all of the computers. Then I came back and told him to do it. He was right it only took about two minutes.

Then I left and went and to Kelly a drink from Casey’s and dropped it off at her work. Then I came home and I went around the house resetting all the clocks and other gadgets that the power had caused to lose the correct time. I sat down in my chair and I hear this very load sound that sounded like a gun shot. Not long after it the power went off again. The power came back on but not all the lights came on. I was totally freaked out and I called Ameren and they sent out a person from their workers to check out our meter that they had just put in. Everything was okay with our meter but after checking he found out that a power line down the road on Fosterburg had broke and that was what the loud sound was that sounded like a shot from a gun. I went and checked all of our breakers and put them back on. Then I went around and made sure everything was back on.

It wasn’t until the next day that I found out that something wasn’t working. When I put a load of clothes in the washer it would not power on. I got on the phone with Whirlpool and they had me do several things to get the washer back on. We couldn’t get it back on and they said I needed a serviceman to come out and look at it.

After Kelly and I thought about it we decided that the cost of having a serviceman or getting a new washer/dryer set. We chose to get the new washer/dryer set. The real problem was how to get the old ones out and the new ones in because the washer and dryer were stackable and in the closet in the bathroom.

Well Abby came over and we started to work on getting the washer/dryer out of closet. We were not doing very good. Finally Abby called Oliver and he came over and helped us get the job done. He helped get the dryer off the washer and carried out and then the washer carried out. That was a heavy washer. Glad it didn’t have any water in it. Kelly and I worked hard to get the closet cleaned up. The next day the new washer and dryer was delivered and we had just finished getting the new vanity. I still had to get water lines hooked up but otherwise everything was done.

The next day Randy and Ryan came over to help us get the washer and dryer in. Both of these guys did a great job and got them in. Kelly and I really appreciated their help as we were afraid it would be done before we left on our trip. After they got the appliances in the closet Randy helped me get the hoses on the sink. So our bathroom was back together and everything back in its place. That took a great deal of pressure off of Kelly as well as me.

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