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A Walk Into My Past

While I was in Baraboo I had the opportunity to preach a few revivals for my fellow Pastor friends and I will share those at another time but I want to share about my experience when I preached at the God & Country Rally in St Paul, MN.  I know some of you are going to ask when it was but I don’t remember the exact day.

I got a call one day from the man who was running the rally.  He asked me if I would come and be the Keynote speaker.  I didn’t really know what that meant but I was honored that I was asked and so I accepted and wrote the date down and made plans to go.

He told me they would cover my expenses and so I was excited to be able to go.  When I got there I met several of the other preachers.  Most of them were from big churches and I was wondering how I got chosen to be the Keynote speaker.  One of the Pastor’s was from a big church in the St. Paul area and he asked me what conferences had I spoken in before as he had never heard of me.  I told him I was just a small country preacher and this was my first.  He encouraged me and it was totally exciting.

When I came to my time to preach I got up and looked out in the audience and saw hundreds of preachers and I was scared.  I used an old saying my Dad taught me when I was a teenager.  If you can’t remember what to say, just say “God loves you”.  I got up and said, “God loves you what do you think about that.”  The preachers there began to shout and praise God and clap.  That brought me back to earth. 

I gave it all to the Lord because I needed His help about that time.  I preached my message and poured my heart out and every time they cheered and said amen it just gave me more power from God.  Never in my life had I ever got a standing ovation after preaching but I did on that day.

Later we speakers were gathered in the backroom and the promoter was giving us a check for our expenses.  That Pastor of that big church I was telling you about said to me, “Wow that was some message.  I will be looking forward to seeing you again”.

I never saw him again but he words were an encouragement to me.  I went back to my church in Baraboo and I experienced some very difficult years.  God walked with me through the fire and when I came to the St. Louis area it helped me to know God could still use me and I still had a fire in my soul.

Don’t give up on God because He will never give up on you.  He will walk with you through the fire and He will bring you to the other side.  I hope you know that God can use you just like He used me.

Hope to see you tomorrow.

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