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What Was Your Biggest Mistake In Life?

I am sure that I am not going to get any responses for this post.  The reason is because nobody likes to talk about theirs.  We want to just keep trucking thru life and pretend that we haven’t made any real stupid things.

The truth is we all have done some real stupid stuff in our life.  I was watching something the other day and a board was evaluating several people who had made some minor mistakes and they were considering what they were going to do about it.

The boos of the people who were being investigated told them that he had hired a private investigator to check to see what kind of mistakes each of them had made over the past years.  It seems that they didn’t want that to be done and they dropped their investigation.  The reason was they had done some stupid things over the years and they didn’t want to be exposed.

Right now our President is being investigated by more than anyone.  The problem is those investigating have stuff in their closets and need to be investigated but nobody is doing anything about what they have done.  We have over 20 people who are going to run against Donald Trump in the next election.  As I went down the list every one of these have done things worse than what our president has done but they are not getting one question about their past deeds.

Every one of them have done stuff in their past they don’t want brought up but they want to drag the president through the mud and dig up stuff he has done and most of it isn’t half as bad as what the other crooks have done who are running against him.  But that doesn’t matter because they have the media behind them to help them hide their evil deeds.

How long is America going to allow this garbage to go on?  When are we going to have some Godly people stand up and say, “This has got to stop”.  I am waiting for that day.

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