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I Am Taking A Poll. Will You Vote?

I am taking a poll.  You don’t have to vote but I sure would like it if you did.  There are several ways you can vote.  You can vote on my Facebook page, you can go to my website and send a message there, you can email me at or you can instant message me on messenger.  And as usual if you don’t want to vote you don’t have to.  Nothing happens if you don’t vote.

I was wondering what your favorite drink is.  I know that we have loads of stuff we can drink but let’s say you were on a desert island and you could have just one drink that you would have to drink every day.  What drink would that be?

I know that some of you are going to come up with some funny comeback but I am serious I am just looking for some serious answers.  Also would like to know why you choose a certain drink. 

I want to thank you in advance for your responses.  Your responses will not be used in any medical study and your identity will be kept secret.

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