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What Is Your Biggest Fear?

What are you afraid of?  Spiders, snakes, cancer, airplanes, or is it something else?  Why are you afraid of whatever it is that brings on your fear?  Many of the normal fears we have are because they might bring on another fear that many have, death.

Many are afraid of spiders or snakes because they might bite you and cause you to die.  Other people just have a natural fear because what they look like.  You can also have a fear of something because you are not familiar with it.  An example is that some have a fear of water because they cannot swim.  Someone might have fear of needles because they had a bad experience in the past.  All of these fears are real and to those who are experiencing them it is scary.

Some fears can be overcome such as water by learning how to swim.  I have heard that some have been able to overcome their fears with the help of counselors and other professionals.

If you have a fear, would you seek professional help?  Have you had a fear and overcome it with professional help?

Fear of something causes us to lose some of the control that we want in our lives.  That control we want is lost when the fear over takes us.

Some don’t have any fear and this can also be a bad thing.  Example:  Some don’t fear HELL and so they reject the thought of a God and one day they will have to pay the eternal results for rejecting the free salvation we are offered by God.

Just a few thoughts for you to think about as you go through the day.  Thanks for stopping by and hope you will come back tomorrow.

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