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Annoying Phone Calls

This last month I have been getting a lot of calls that are a waste of time. You know what I mean they try selling you insurance, things you don’t need, or pretend they are going to give you a free trip to somewhere.

I found a way to get rid of them and have a little fun. I had a guy call and try to sell me car insurance. I just told him I lost my driver’s license because I am blind. He used to call me several times a day and I was getting tired of the calls. Well, when I told him that the calls stopped.

I had another call and I acted like I was crazy and I pretended they were someone I knew and they were quick to get me off the phone. I ask him if he was coming over as I needed someone to take out the trash and vacuum the house. He couldn’t hang up fast enough.

If you talk with them and act like your elevator doesn’t go to the top they will quit the call. I noticed my call are getting less.

If you have any ideals I would love to hear them. I am always looking for creative ideals.

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