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FYI means “For Your Information”. Most people know this so I am not telling you anything new. I just wanted to go over this because I wanted to make a point.

So the following is a FYI. Be careful to not jump the gun and react to quickly. Recently Kelly and I bought a new car. The Dealer we bought the car from had our payoff but for some reason it got delayed because the person in the Dealership who was supposed to pay it off had a family member die and it didn’t get paid off. The bank called me and was upset and so I called the Dealership about it and they explained what had happened and the matter was taken care of. They sent the payoff next day to our bank. Someone from the bank called me because the total was not payed off. I responded in kind back to the Dealership and found out that they knew this and was sending a check to our bank. Someone from our bank didn’t write it in our records and thus someone called trying to collect when the Dealership had already promised them a check.

My FYI is … don’t make the mistake of responding too quickly before getting all your facts straight. The Dealership was nice to me and they were kind to forgive me for my stupid remarks. It would have been even better if I hadn’t made any remarks and it could have been resolved by calling them and finding out how it was going not to accuse them of trying to cheat me.

Please don’t make the mistake I made.

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