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My Smartphone

I like my cellphone and it has many uses that I can use it for.  If you have one I am sure you know what I am talking about. We can text, call, and even surf the internet on cellphones if they are a smartphones.  You can load apps that help you do all kinds of things on the phones.

When you have a smartphone you run all types of Apps and they are powered by your battery.  Usually if you are not careful you run out of battery before the day is over and you have to recharge.  If you leave the apps on they continue to run and it can cause your battery to run down so I usually close all my apps after I am finished using them.  Some people let them run in the background the entire day.  My battery lasts longer during the day if I don’t run them so I turn them off after I finish using them.

Something we can learn is that like the smartphone we need to be charged up every day.  As our spiritually battery runs down we need to be charged up so we are ready for the next day.  Every day I try to begin with my phone battery fully charged.  We ought to have our spiritual battery fully charged when we begin our day as well.  Reading your Bible and praying everyday can help to keep you spiritual battery fully charged.  Some who allow their spiritual battery to run low need to read their Bible and pray every day so when their spiritual battery begins to get low and they have all those things running in the background of their mind; they can refresh their battery by praying and reading their Bible.

Sometimes we can't just close all of our thoughts off like shutting down the apps on the phone.  When we have all these things running in our minds it runs our spiritual battery down.  Be sure you recharge your spiritual battery as needed.

Thanks for stopping in today and checking out my blog.  Have a great day.

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