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Pictures On Facebook

The other day I was going through a bunch of pictures that I posted on Facebook.

I was wondering if you ever go back and look at all the pictures you have posted on Facebook? I have found that I posted a great many pictures on Facebook. Some of them I probably shouldn’t have posted but after they are posted they are out there on the web. Not much you can do to scrub them these days.

I still get people writing me that see my name on searches for the church I Pastored in Baraboo. Some of the directories that the church was listed in still have my name as the Pastor.

I have written many of them and told them that I am not there anymore but they still keep sending me stuff in my email and I still see searches that have me listed.

So when you post something it will probably be there for a while. I had posted some websites many years ago on free websites and by accident I found them. I have tried my best to scrub them but they are still out there.

Remember when you post something it is going to be out there for a long time.

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