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Something I Found To Be Very Interesting

Billy Sunday once said, “More men fail through lack of purpose than lack of talent.” I got to thinking about this and I thought I would write something on my blog about it.

Why is it that? The reason that many don’t have a purpose is that they don’t set any goals in their life. Most people I have come in contact with over the years have talent but they lack purpose. If you are going to have a purpose you need to set goals.

When I was a young person I felt that God had called me to the ministry. So when I was in High School I set a goal to read the Old Testament through once a year and the New Testament once a month.

I know some of you reading this are saying to yourself why? Because I wanted to become familiar with the book I would be preaching from. Some wonder why I would read the New Testament once a month and the Old Testament once a year. Have you ever read them? If not, you ought to try it then you might understand a bit better.

My sophomore and junior years I was able to fulfill this purpose. I was laughed at and teased by those who would observe me reading my Bible on the bus ride to school and during study hall. I experience a great deal of pressure during these two years.

Because I had purpose it helped me further on down the line to accomplish what I had chosen to do. Actually I had very little talent but God used my purpose to fulfill my life goal.

I hope you will remember this if you want to be successful. God can take your life and mold it into something but you need to allow Him to work in your life. You can do that by having purpose.

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