Funny Take On Tithing

Unlike the IRS the church has always kept its requirements simple: a straight 10 percent off the top. But perhaps church officials should consider engaging in some “Tithe Reform”.

The new T-4, Estimated Declaration Forms, could work like this: On line 1, write down the amount of your regular paycheck. On line 2, enter the number of times you go to church each year. Multiply the number on line 2 by 3.056. Enter the result on line 3. On line 4 enter when you first professed Christ. On line 5, enter your pastor’s salary. (This can be found on the photocopied budget distributed at your church’s annual meeting, which is always held on the day of the Super Bowl.)

Compare line 5 with line 1. Feel guilty. Subtract line 5 from line 1. Take a deep breath and ignore the result. Multiply the amount on line 1 by .10 and enter it on line 6. Throw in a few bucks to make yourself feel better about the Pastor’s salary. And write that check.

---Eutychus in Christianity Today

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