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What Is Your Biggest Fear?

Your probably are not going to believe me but one of my biggest fears was that I was going to be a failure as a Pastor. Over the years I had been around my Dad who was a wonderful example and I knew I could never be a loved as he was by everyone he met. I don’t know what it is but he just has a way about him that attracts people.

Then I was around Dr. Jim Delashmit and my fear got worse because I knew I could never be like him. When I left Illinois to go to Baraboo Dr. Delashmit said to me, “ Just be yourself”. Over the years that is what I have tried to do.

I spent 34 years Pastoring three different churches and I feel that I did my best. Not because of anything I did but because of what God did in molding me. He gave me some great examples to follow and with His help I was able to overcome that fear.

Over the years of my ministry I have made some wonderful friends. The other day a friend of my from Baraboo called me. He said it was by accident but I don’t believe it was. I believe it was in God’s plan because I needed it very badly. Bro Clyde a very dear brother in Christ called and encouraged me. Retirement isn’t all it that everyone says it will be but I have been blessed to reap blessings from my years of ministry.

Every so often I get messages or calls from folks I have served as Pastor. When I hear their voices or read the words they write my heart swells up with joy because I know that with God’s help I have done my best and that is all my Lord requires of me.

If you are one of those folks who have touched me over the years, I want to thank you. Just recently since starting this blog I have had many former members and friends contact me and the blessings are beyond what I ever imagined.

Retirement may not be what everyone claims it will be but after serving the Lord for 34 years, the benefits are out of this world.

As most of you know last month on January 25th my mom went to Heaven. Now my Mom and my Mother are in Heaven. I am sure they are proud of me and they both deserve some credit for helping mold my life.

I hope if you have any fears that you will conquer them. God will help you if you just ask for His help. I know because I asked and He helped me.

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