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February 20, 2019 - My Dad's Birthday

My Dad is very special to me.  It has been very hard over the last month to see him go through some very difficult days.  My mom passed away on January 25th of this year.  My birth Mother was killed in a car accident when I was seven.  I know that it was very traumatic for him but I have very little memory because my memory was blocked.  I have been told it was due to the stress and young age and I probably blocked it because it was too hard for me to deal with.

Then last month on the 25th my Mom of 58 years died.  I spend several days with my Dad before her death.  It was during this time that I spent with my Dad that helped me to be able to get through this difficult time.   My Dad has always been a pillar of strength for me over the years.  I have gone through some very difficult days and he was always there for me.  Those days I was able to spend with him are very precious to me.

I want to wish my Dad a very special birthday.  I know it will be a sad birthday because Mom is no longer there with him but I want him to know that he has four kids that love him and want the very best for him.  They each appreciate the sacrifice he made for them over the years.  Thank you Dad for all you did for me.  I love you very much.

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