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Thanks For Your Letters

I got several emails concerning one of my Dear Pastor Sam columns. It appears that many of you got mad at me because I was a bit strong with “A Kid Who Didn’t Like You”. I know the comment about him being in jail was a bit strong but it is the truth. He harassed me in high school and made fun of me and his letter was just his way of trying to intimidate me. I just wanted him to know it didn’t work. I am not going to publish any of the letters that were sent to me about this column about that letter. I will apologize to anyone who was offended but I just wanted to let him know that he doesn’t scare me.

I wished I could go into it with you but I would rather not because it truly rubbed me wrong and I don’t want to say anything that I would regret. Just so you know he wrote me back again and I just deleted his message and blocked his email. He just was trying to push my buttons and make me mad and I decided I am not going there.

If you knew some of the stuff he pulled on me in High School you might understand why I am not happy with him. I will saved that story for a time when I go off the rails.

Thanks for you comments but I would like to move on to a different story.

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