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I don’t claim to be an expert but I would like to share my viewpoint.  These views are my personal view and do not reflect the views of my friends.  Some of my friends agree with some of my views but everyone has their own belief and I am not suggesting you must agree with me I am just sharing my viewpoint.  I would love to hear you viewpoint if you care to share.

We have elected officials who are being paid yearly more than most of us make in 10 or 15 years.  They will continue to draw a salary after they leave office and get full benefits at the end of their service.

It is my viewpoint that this needs to be repealed.  First off their salaries are too high.  They need to save for a retirement just like we do and pay into social security just like we do.  They should not receive lifetime benefits.  They ought to pay for their benefits just like we do when we retire.  Maybe if they did they would understand a bit better what it is like to scratch for a living.

I also think there should be term limits.  Many of those representing us have been doing so for many years.  I think two six year terms is enough.  Then they can go home and get a real job and see what it is like to really work for a living.

Many people don’t realize but they are being paid a full time salary for a part time job.  They don’t work half of the time.  They have more vacation than the average person gets.

You ask me how will this change as they make the laws and they aren’t going to vote themselves term limits.  I think we need to have the American people vote on it.  It is time we take back the authority.  They say they work for the people but they don’t act like it.

The average elected official doesn’t really answer to their voters as they do as they good well please.  Both the senators for Illinois only represent the people in the north end of the state.  This is not representing the people.

This is my opinion.  What is yours?

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