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Dear Pastor Sam

Dear Pastor Sam,

This is my first time to write. A friend of mine told me about your column and I went on your blog and read some of your posts and I thought I would write.

I have been living in the town I live in for almost 37 years. Many people move around and live in different places. I was born here in Mesa, Arizona and have lived here all my life. My parents still live here and when I got married I married someone from here and we still live here. We have moved several times but we haven’t moved out of the town we live in.

I heard that you are from the Mesa, Arizona area and I was wondering how you got to Baraboo to Wood River? It sounds from the stories I have read that you have moved all over.

Still Living In AZ

Dear Still Living in AZ,

Your question has a very long answer that I cannot give you in the amount of words I write on my column. I was about 7 years old when we left Arizona. We moved North and ended up in Griffith, Indiana. I lived in Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin mostly. My Dad was a Pastor and he moved many times and Pastored many churches while I was still living at home.

When I left home for college I was planning to not move as often as my Dad but I did Pastor three different churches. That is a lot less that my Dad pastored. My Dad still preaches from time to time. Since I have retired I haven’t been asked to preach for anyone.

I know that doesn’t answer your question but that is about the clearest I can get.

Pastor Sam

If you would like to write Pastor Sam you can do so by sending an email to and asking your question. Please note this is a new email and only letters sent to this email will be published. Please note do not sign your name. Letters will be published in this blog so you will NOT get a personal answer.

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