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Happy Valentine's Day -2019

Today is Valentine’s Day 2019 and I want to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day.

For more years than I can count I have bought Kelly a Valentine’s Bear for Valentine’s Day. Each of the Bears has the year on its foot. Kelly has a real big collection of these bears.

I hope she likes them but lately I wonder if she is tired of them. We use to have them all in the front bedroom and now they are upstairs in the back part of our upstairs.

Valentine’s Day isn’t her favorite day as that is the day her sister died. Please remember her today in your prayers as it is a tough time for her.

I love Kelly very much and she is a wonderful wife and I thank God for sending her into my life. Many people thought she was not the one for me but she has helped me so much I cannot explain.

Be sure to tell your husband or wife that you love them today. That extra love never hurts.

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