Some Really Bad News

Some days when I get really bored and I don’t have anything to do I go on the internet and read some of the post made by people.

What I have found out it that we have some really crazy people in our world.  These are people who actually voted, reproduce, drive on our roads, cook for us in restaurants, run our government, and so on.  I don’t know about you but this scares me.

They say the most stupid things that don’t even make sense.  The really bad news is they think that they make sense and they think that what they are promoting is great.

Here is an example:  We have government officials who are giving away our money to countries so they can build walls and barriers around their country borders and yet they won’t give a dime to secure our own borders.  We have hundreds of thousands of homeless and starving people in America and people are taking money and giving it to countries that hate America.  Does that make any sense?

We have people who want to spend millions of dollars to save an Eagles egg but promote the murder millions of children via abortion.

If you bring a dog or horse in the state of California and you don’t have proper papers they will not be able to come into the state.  But a person from Mexico who comes there illegally is not only let in without any papers, they are also given free stuff that the taxpayers must pay for.  These illegal immigrants are coming into our country with all kinds of diseases and they go unchecked and are spreading diseases all over our country.

Illegal immigrants are treated better than many of our veterans and seniors.  They have better housing than many of our American citizens and they are not working or paying anything.

Are we crazy?  I have voiced my opinion but those who have the power to do something are not listening.  They want to let people in our country who hate us and want to kill us.  They allow people to take their oath of office on a book that it the total opposite of what we believe and stand for.  These people have no respect for our government and are destroying our lives.

The real idiots are the people who vote these people in to office year after year.  Most of the people voting for these idiots are idiots themselves and so things don’t change.

An example of this is in Illinois.  Republicans helped the democrats elect a criminal governor because they were mad at the Governor we had.  Republicans helped elect Dick Durbin and our other democratic Senator because they are too lazy to get out and vote.  For the record I didn’t vote for these idiots but they have brought this mess on Illinois because they have some issue with someone and so they vote the same old idiots in or they let a crook in who has no business holding an office.

Elizabeth Warren said having an abortion is like getting your tonsils out.  How stupid can they get?

Well I had my say what is your excuse?   

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