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We Need Toilet Paper In The Bathroom

I am continuing my stories about my time while a Pastor in Baraboo. This next story messed up my sleep.

When I was a boy my Dad was a Pastor and he many times prepared his sermons on Saturday night. My guess is that he wanted them to be fresh on Sunday morning. When I became a Pastor I decided I wasn’t going to wait until Saturday night because I was always afraid something might come up and I wouldn’t be ready on Sunday. I didn’t want to get up on Sunday morning with egg on my face, so to speak. That is why I always prepared my sermons on Monday and Tuesday mornings.

This night was the exact reason I always prepared my sermons at the beginning of the week. I had just gotten in bed and had fallen into a deep sleep when my phone rang. This was before cellphones and it woke me up with a start as it was 2:00am in the morning. Usually when I got a call at that time it was an emergency and I would end up spending a great deal of time at the hospital.

I answered the phone and when I said hello the person on the other end said, “We need toilet paper in the bathroom.” Since I was half asleep I said, “Who is this and and what do you want me to do?”

As it turned out it was the church janitor who cleaned the church late on Saturday night. I told them that we will get some in the morning before church.

For the life of me I am not sure why he called late except maybe he thought I would be preparing my sermon at that time or still awake. From then on we always made sure we had toilet paper before Sunday rolled around.

This is the last of my stories for this month in celebration of my anniversary of when I started my ministry in Baraboo. If you were a member there during my time as Pastor and have any stories you want me to print send them to

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