We Lost Our Piano

Yesterday I told you about one of my Deacons and his wife (who was our former treasurer), leaving the church in Baraboo.

The church had just put new carpet in the entire sanctuary and I got a call from this former Deacon who had left the church because his wife wasn’t re-elected as our treasurer. He informed me that the church piano was his and he had loaned it to the church and his daughter was going to be taking piano lessons and he wanted it back. After checking with the other Deacons I found out the piano had been loaned to the church about 14 years prior to my coming.

I contacted our lawyer and ask his advice. He told me that legally they would probably lose if it was taken to court but that it would not be worth all the bad press we would get if we decided to go that way. I contacted the Deacons and told them what I found out and we decided to give it back to them but they had to take great care in moving it as we had just put down new carpet.

The Deacons supervised getting the piano moved out and then I ask the church what they wanted to do about getting a new piano. It was decided to pray about it and then decide at our next service. During the week I got a call from someone who had a real nice piano and they would sell it to the church for a reasonably good price. I brought it up at the next service and we decided to get it. The new piano served us for many years after that.

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