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February 5, 1984

February 5, 1984 is when I began my ministry in Baraboo. The reason I remember it so well is while I was at Baraboo every year on February 5th we celebrated this anniversary of my becoming the Pastor.

The many years I spent in Baraboo were a blessing and I can say that for the most part the folks there were a blessing. We had a few bumps along the way. I want to share a couple a couple of these bumps during the month of February.

After I had been at Baraboo for about 4 years the nominating committee decided that we needed to get a different treasurer for the church. The lady who had been doing it for many years did a great job but many times when the church wanted money to do something she would fight with the church about doing it. It was decided to elect one of the Deacons and the trustees would take a more hands on at planning a budget and running the finances. Instead of one person signing the checks we would have two people one a Deacon and one a Trustee.

When the nominations were posted I got a visit from the treasurer’s husband. He informed me that I should go back to the nominating committee and have his wife put back on the ballot for treasurer.

I told him that was not going to happen as the nominating committee makes the nominations and I was not going to interfere. He informed me if I didn’t that his church keys and resignation would be in the offering plate and that he and his wife would be leaving the church. (This would be after the election.)

Well the Sunday after the election he put his resignation and his church keys in the offering plate and they walked out of the church. His wife left the church books in a garbage bag in my office.

He had warned me that the church would go under without his tithes and offerings. He also informed me that he was the largest supporter in the church. I didn’t know this and I am glad I didn’t as I might have acted differently.

To make a long story short we went on without him and his wife and God gave me twelve more wonderful years after they left.

Tomorrow I will share another story that happened that you won’t want to miss.

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