Dear Pastor Sam

Dear Pastor Sam,

Back in the old days we called you Pastor Jack. When we were in High School they called you Jack Squirrel because how fast you could run. Do you remember?

I went to school with you at North Newton High School and we were in Bernard Baker’s class. You carried your Bible to school and read it during study hall. Do you remember those days?

I was doing a search on goggle the other day and you popped up. I remember your first name was Samuel and so I knew who you were. So from what I read on your website you were a Pastor for 34 years. Back in High School I knew that you were destined to become some type of preacher man. You carried that black book you said was your bible and I remember you reading it.

A Kid Who Didn’t Like You

Dear Kid,

Just for the record I don’t publish names on here so I made up a name for you. I remember you and you didn’t think I would amount to much. I was young and stupid but as time went on God knocked some sense into me.

I Pastored three different churches and was an interim in three others. I feel I have served my Lord.

I use my first name now but back in High School you are right they called me Jack which is my middle name. I don’t have to really give you any answers but I am doing it out of courtesy.

You and your group of friends never liked me and so I was surprised to hear from you. I remember you and what you did to me. I guess you were looking for me to write about some of the stuff you pulled on me back then. I have tried to put that behind me.

So that is about all I am going to say. I hope you are doing better. I assumed you would be in jail most of your life.

Pastor Sam

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