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What Does Your Heart Tell You?

Do you listen to your heart when you make decisions in your life? Sometimes we don’t always want to listen to what our heart is tell us and we miss out.

Back on January 16th, Kelly and got the news that my Dad had to take my mom to the hospital and then she was transferred to a nursing home. My heart was telling me that I needed to go and spend some time with my Dad and Mom. When Kelly and I got home that night we talked it over and Kelly said I ought to go. I really hated to leave her behind but she had so much on her plate.

I put some laundry in the washer and made plans to leave for Texas the next day. Because the car was over on the miles for an oil change I made an appointment to take it in. After Kelly left for work in the morning I took the car and to the dealer and got the oil changed and then left from there to go to my Dad’s.

My plan was to drive until dark and then get a motel room for the night and call him when I left in the morning. It is about a ten hour drive if I drive straight through and I wasn’t really ready for that long drive when I left on Thursday the 17th.

I don’t remember exactly what time it was but my Dad called me and so I went ahead and told him I was on my way. As I listened to him I knew that I needed to go ahead and drive the rest of the way. I drove and finally got there at 9:00pm.

My Dad was glad to see me and I was glad to see him. I could tell it was hard for him being there without Mom and so even though I was very tired I stayed up and visited with him for awhile. Finally I was having a hard time keeping my eyes open so I told him I had to go to bed.

I was able to spend some time with my Dad and Mom and then I had to go home. It was very hard for me to leave as I knew that it would be the last time I saw my Mom before she when to Heaven. Every time before we left the nursing home I would kiss her on the forehead as I never knew when it would be the last time I would be able to do it.

Sunday night when we left to go home I kissed her for the last time and I left to go home early the next morning. On Friday January 25th, at about 8:20am my phone rang and I knew it was my Dad because I have a special ring for him. I knew he was going to tell me that Mom was gone and my heart broke to hear the news. He kept telling me that he was there with Mom but I knew she wasn’t there because as the Bible says to be absent from the body it to be present with the Lord.

After we got off the phone I had a cry like I haven’t had in a long time. Kelly had a terrible night and wasn’t feeling well and so she had called off sick. I went up and told her the news and we cried together. Since Kelly was sick I tried to take care of her and it helped to keep my mind off of all the news I had gotten but I kept having spells throughout the day.

Finally I got enough courage to let Paul know and I asked him to tell Faith as I didn’t have her number or anyway to contact her. He said he would let her know.

I talked with my Dad the other day about the memorial service and I wished I could go but it really isn’t going to work out. Kelly and I are talking about taking some time later after it is all over and going down for a few days and spending some time with him.

I appreciate your prayers and cards. Thank so very much for all the love that was showered upon me and my family. Continue to pray for my Dad. If you want to call him message me and I will get you his number.

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