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New Law Passed in New York About Abortion

I was wondering if any of my readers have heard about the new law they passed in New York concerning Abortion.

I was shocked that this would pass and I am not really sure about those who voted for this.  What were they thinking?  In my book this is outright murder.  What is your take on it?

I wonder if this can be taken to the Supreme Court and declared unconstitutional.  I really can’t see how this can stand.

When I heard about this I was in total shock and totally surprised but now days the democrats are doing some mighty stupid things.

I would love to get your feedback on this so you can write me at or message me on the bottom of my Facebook page. 

If the republicans did something like this I would be outraged as well.  It really doesn’t matter if it is republican or democrat this is totally terrible and I feel something must be done.  God help America if we allow this to stand.  Please pray for America as we are on the brink of allowing EVIL to take over.

You can click this link to send me a message also

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