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Just A Little Chat With My Blog Readers

I got up today and was wondering what I would write about.  I thought I would just write a blog about somethings I had on my mind.

I know some of you are regular readers and I do appreciate you coming back and reading my blog.  Some days you don’t get much but I do have some days where I have something to say.

I was checking my stats on my blog and I have readers all over the US and I have had a few from Canada and some as far away as France and England.  I do appreciate all who read my blog and my “Dear Pastor Sam” column wouldn’t be a successful if you didn’t write in.  Thanks so much and keep those letters coming in.  You can write me at

Today those of you reading my blog I would like to encourage you read your Bible.  One day this month I had a very interesting thing happen.  My verse of the day happened to be my life verse, Jeremiah 17:7.  I have a program that picks verses at random for me to post every day.  I was shocked that it was my life verse and I took a fresh look at it and realized I hadn’t read it in a long time.  We need to keep our lives filled with God’s Word and we need to hide it in our hearts and memorize verses that are special to us.  One day down the road that verse you memorized will be one that will be the encouragement you need.

Please if you have a life verse I would like you to share it with me.  Write me at the above address or post it on the bottom of my Facebook but I would love to hear from you and hear the verses that means something special to you.

So have a wonderful day and I hope you get a blessing from God today.  I am praying for you.

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