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Some Upcoming Posts You Don’t Want To Miss

I have several post that are coming up in the coming weeks and on the 5th, 6th, and 7th of February.

Tomorrow I am going to be sharing a story I have never posted on here before. It is the stupidest thing I ever did shortly after Kelly and I got married. It was so stupid that I am embarrassed and really didn’t want to share it but I thought I should to show you that even a preacher or Pastor does stupid things and makes big boo boo’s. That is tomorrow, so don’t miss it.

Also coming up are three stories I will be sharing about some incidents that happened after I became the Pastor in Baraboo. February 5, 1984 is the date of my coming to Baraboo to Pastor and so on February 5th – 7th I am going to be sharing some stories of the early days in Baraboo. You won’t want to miss these stories.

I also want to remind you that I have a “Dear Pastor Sam” column on Saturday and I would love to have you write and ask me something. You can write me at

Well that is all for today so I hope you drop in tomorrow.

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