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Texas January 2019 - Report on Dad & Mom

As most of you know I went to Texas to check on my Dad & Mom and I would like to give you an update. My post isn’t going to be as good as the one my sister wrote last week. I am not as good with words as she is.

I drove straight through to Texas from home. It took around 10 hours to get there. I only stopped once for gas and I got there at about 9:00pm on Thursday, January 17th. Dad was waiting up for me and it was very different arriving there and mom not being there.

For those who don’t know my birth Mother was killed in a car accident when I was 7 and when my Dad remarried Helen Maxine became my step-mom. I know my mother is looking down from heaven and she is please that she stepped in to finish the job she started. I call my step-mom, “mom” as she has been doing that job for over 57 years.

My Dad and I visited until almost 11:30pm and I had to go to bed as I was exhausted and falling asleep in the chair.

When I woke up in the morning on Friday my Dad and I when to “What A Burger” and we had Biscuits and Gravy. Dad had coffee and I just drank water because I don’t drink coffee.

Then we went over to see mom at the nursing home. It was very hard for me to see her like that as I am not sure if she knew who I was when I first got there. We sat around and tried talking to mom but she didn’t really know anyone who was there. For those who don’t know my mom was moved from the hospital in Longview, Texas to a nursing home in Longview, Texas. She requested a DNR and was admitted under the Hospice program. I am not going to go into it most everyone knows what that is.

We took a break and went to Wendy’s to grab some lunch and then we were driving and Dad got a call on his cellphone. One of my Dad cousins called and wanted to meet him at the nursing home so we went back. He introduced them to me and we visited in a visiting area at the front of the nursing home. Then my Dad’s Pastor came in and our whole group continued to visit for a bit. Then I when and checked on my mom and when I got back we all decided to go into her room and have prayer with Dad’s Pastor.

After we got in the room we all gathered around the bed and the Pastor had prayer with us and we sang a song for mom. Slowly everyone left and finally we headed home.

Dad and I went back to his house and when we were driving home a friend and his wife passed by the house and Dad was at the mailbox and so he invited them in. We sat around and visited and then he invited the couple we were visiting with to stay for dinner and so Dad fixed some supper for us. It was his usual go to meal… green beans, hamburger, chopped onions, and quartered potatoes. We visited until late and then they left. It was getting late so I headed off to bed.

Saturday morning we went up to the diner in Ore City and had breakfast and then we headed up to the nursing home. When we got there we tried talking with mom and we visited with those who came in to see her.

Later we went to Wal-Mart and picked up some food and then we headed back home. On the way home Dad got a call from this brother. He asked him to call back in five minutes when he got home. When Uncle D.B. called I went to the gas station to fill my car up with gas. When I got home my Dad was still on the phone with Uncle D.B. and then I talked to my Uncle for a bit on the phone. Dad fixed a couple of TV dinners and we visited in between him making and receiving calls. It seemed like the phone rang all evening. We watched the weather and it didn’t look good up north so we made plans to go to church on Sunday morning.

I headed off to bed and Dad continued to make calls and receive calls. Around 10:30pm Dad came in my room and woke me and told me he was going back to the nursing home. He told me to meet him there if he didn’t get back. I thought I was dreaming but when he left when the door slammed I woke up and realized it wasn’t a dream. He finally came back at about 2:00am and went back to sleep.

Sunday morning I woke up and when Dad got up he made me some toast and jelly and then he said after his visit with Mom last night he was going to go to church. He said he had a real good visit with Mom and she knew I was there and she knew Tommie was coming and she knew that Molly was going to be coming to help out at the house. He said she ask a lot of questions and many of them she already knew the answer but just wanted him to confirm them. Dad had a different demeanor when he got up. So we went up to the diner and Dad ordered some pancakes and coffee. I just drank so hot chocolate because I had just eaten at the house before we left.

Then we went up to church at the New Hope Baptist Church in Ore City. When we got there folks came from all over the church to talk with us and Dad introduced me to all of those who came over where we were sitting. Finally the service began and we had a wonderful song service. After the song service his cellphone rang and he showed me the number and it was Molly. He went out of the church to talk on his phone.

When he came back he said it was Molly but I already knew that by the number that was called. After service was over we went up to the nursing home and visited with Mom. When we arrived at the nursing home a lady Mom and Dad knew was there. We visited for a while and another lady and her daughter came in. Later in the afternoon we went to lunch. The lady that was there when we arrived had not eaten and neither had we so Dad took us to Wendy’s. We ate and visited and then went back to the nursing home. Finally everyone had left except Dad and I and we visited with Mom. Dad kept trying to get her to drink but she kept refusing. Finally she told him she just wanted to sleep. Dad and visited for a while and then we went in the room and visited a bit. Dad said he would take me back to the house and he had some calls to make.

When we got back to the house the phone began ringing and Dad talked on the phone. I turned on the football game it was the last playoff game. I put the phone on mute so Dad could talk on the phone. I had already heard most of what he was telling those he was talking to as I had heard the stories several times.

One of the calls he made was to Mary Lois. Mary Lois told him that her parents Dan & Mary were on their way to his house. So we turned off the TV and started picking up a bit.

Finally it was bed time and so I said my goodbyes as I was planning on leaving early. Dad told me to wake him but I want so say goodbye before I went to bed in case he wasn’t fully awake when I left.

I woke up at 4:45am and got dressed and started my trip home. I didn’t retrn the same way I came but it still took the same amount of time. I drove straight through except one stop for gas.

Monday was Kelly’s birthday so I was glad to get home and see her. She was still at work when I got home but when she got home we went to I Hop to celebrate her birthday.

Then we came home and worked on a puzzle to decompress and then I went to bed as I was exhausted. Kelly read for a bit before she fell asleep.

So that is in a nut shell what happened these last few days.

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