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My Trip To Texas - January 2019

On Thursday of last week I went to visit my Dad. My Mom was taken to the hospital and then transferred to a nursing home. She was in extreme pain and my Dad could not take care of her and so he made a very hard decision to place her in the nursing home. He was placing his feelings aside and doing what was best for her. That sometimes is a very hard decision as we don’t always like to be put out of our comfort zone.

It was definitely very hard for me to watch this but I knew he was doing what was best for my mom. It was very hard watching her as she was laying there in the bed in the nursing home.

The long drive down to Texas was a tough one for me as I needed to drive straight through because of the limited amount of time I would be able to stay. It was worth the trip and I am glad I was able to go.

Dad made and received a lot of phone calls and I know it helped him to talk about what was going on. I tried to be there for him. It was really hard for me to say anything because I did know what to say. I am hurting inside but I am trying to be strong for Dad. I know he is hurting and I wished I could do more for him.

I am glad he has many folks calling him and I am glad he is making these calls as I think it helps him past the time.

I am writing this while I was down there but wasn’t able to post it on my blog until I got back from my trip. I am glad I was able to go but only wish I was able to do more for Dad.

It was very hard seeing Mom in the bed at the nursing home. Dad tried to get her to eat but she kept refusing food and I knew it upset him that she wouldn’t eat. He gave her stuff to drink but she didn’t drink much.

I just hope that the time I spent with Dad was a help to him. I only wish I could have done more but I don’t have much more to give except my time and my love.

Please pray for my Dad and I will try to keep you updated on how things are going, I am sorry I couldn’t post this sooner but I didn’t have internet while I was in Texas so I wasn’t able to write an new blog post. I had to post blog posts that I had saved on my website already so I just linked them to Facebook.

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