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Jury Duty

Well I am on Jury Duty this month.  I have to call in every day to see if I have to show up.  It is weird as I never did it this way before but I guess that they have changed the way Judy Duty works.

I think it is important to serve when asked for Jury Duty.  The only problem I have is the last two times I was called for Jury Duty I drove over there and we were put in a room and we waited all day and then they sent us home and said we had to come back the next day.  Then I came back the next day and waited until just after lunch and then we were sent home.  I didn’t have to go back after that but it was boring as you couldn’t bring your cell phone or anything except a book.  I didn’t bring a book and so I was bored to death.  This time I am taking a book.

Have you ever had to serve on a jury?  What was your experience?  Can you share your experience?  After I actually go this time I will follow up with my experience.  I am expecting it will be like the other times, hurry up and wait.

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