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This Past Weekend Snow Storm

This past weekend we got a large dose of snow. Over at my house we got between 8 & 10 inches in spots. It began to snow on Friday, January 11th and it seemed to snow non-stop most of the weekend. I am still shoveling today as the snow really piled up.

It was a good weekend to just sit back and relax but the large amounts of snow it dropped on us made it hard. Kelly and I got a couple of puzzles to work on to keep our mind off the snow.

It would have been nice to get the snow in smaller amounts. It seemed to dump the whole ton on one weekend. We have a high mound sitting in front of our house where the plow dumped it. They plowed down to the gas station and then just let the rest of the street go. Our neighbor Townsend Automotive had to hire someone to come in and clean the road in front of his business. I am thankful that he plowed a small path in front of our house. Right now it is only one lane but that is nice.

The snow plow plowed my mailbox in and I probably won’t be getting mail because I am not going to get a heart attack to try and clear the big mound of snow left there by the plows so I can get mail. I guess the bill collectors will have to wait.

I hope those in our area made out okay. Most of the main roads were open yesterday on Monday morning. I took several hours cleaning my truck off so I could get out to take Kelly a soda and I made a run by the Target so we would have another new puzzle for the next couple of days.

I hope you are all doing well and I want to thank those of you who wrote in to my “Dear Pastor Sam” Column. It seems when I am short on letters someone jumps in and keeps it going. There are others of you I would love to hear from. Remember all letters are kept confidential and no names are posted. I delete all emails after I get the letter posted so I don’t have them to get information from if anyone asks.

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