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A Story From The Past

While I was Pastor at Pleasant View I had very many interesting things happen over the years. I want to say right up front that the good things that happened were more but the bad things are the things that we remember most. I just want to share a few stories that happened.

The church water bill was higher than normal and I couldn’t figure it out. One of the families that cleaned the church told me that when they cleaned the church they found the refrigerator door open and the kitchen faucet running. They turned it off and closed the refrigerator door before they left. I thought it was a weird incident but the next month I went over to the church on a summer day and it was extremely hot in the church. I knew it was warm outside but it was extremely warmer than usual. I went to turn the air on to kill some of the heat while I was there and I noticed the heat was on and it was turned all the way up. This was very weird but that was probably the reason it was so hot in the church.

Over a course of several months we had several incidents happen where lights were on after we had left and turned them off. Then the weirdest thing that happened was the baptistry water was on and running very slow with the drain open. (We hadn’t had any baptismal services recently so it was strange.) It was weird how I found out that the water was running in the baptistery. During Sunday morning service during my message I kept hearing this noise and I couldn’t make it out. After we left and went home I was sitting at the table eating and I thought, that noise sounded like running water. I decided to go to the church and check all the faucets. I checked all the bathrooms and the kitchen and they were good. When I was in the men’s bathroom I heard a sound really faint and I thought about the faucet in the baptistery. I went up and checked it and sure enough it was on at a very slow trickle. I turned it off.

I won’t go into it but the church voted to change the locks on the church and only give keys to individuals who really needed a key. Before this almost everyone had a key. Once the locks were changed the weird things quit happening. Isn’t that a quinkie dink?

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