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New Year Resolution You Sent In

I got your New Year Resolutions you sent in. I am not going to give the names of those who wrote in but I am going to share some of them as I found some very interesting.

As usual we had several make a resolution to lose weight. I guess that is one many have. I quit doing that because e it made matters worse of me. Now I just try to cut back on meals and exercise and watch what I eat.

Another interesting one was the person who made a resolution to quit nagging her husband. I am not going into what she said but I think she is on the right track. I commend her for what she said about this goal.

Had had several who called their resolutions goals and I thought that was interesting. One had a goal to read at least five chapter of scripture every day. That will be tough when she gets into the old testament where the chapters are very long but I hope she or her keeps up with it. The other one was a goal to learn a Bible verse once a month. I commend this person for doing this and I promise it will be valuable later in life. I can still quote verses I memorized as a young teenager.

Another person who wrote resolved to go on the soulwining visitation with the church more regularly. Many churches don’t have a program like this anymore but if they do I suggest that you try and get involved in it.

The last one I got was the resolution to go fishing more often. I didn’t really get that one. I never got into fishing myself so I would never make that kind of resolution. Maybe he or she needs to take more time to clear their head so they thought if they went fishing more they would have that time.

Thank you to all who sent in your resolutions. If there are anymore who want to send some in you can send them to me at .

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