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Have You Ever Done Something Really Stupid?

I was wondering if you have ever done something stupid. I am going to share a story I have never told on here before. I am embarrassed and it was really stupid but I want you to know that everyone can do stupid things.

Kelly and I had been married about two years or so I am not sure exactly but we hadn’t been married very long. We had all the kids with us and we were in Edwardsville. When I say all the kids I mean Veronica, Randy, Josh, & Abby. At that time we had a van because of the big family and we were on our way home.

Kelly decided we were going to stop at a Pizza Hut and eat. I was not happy with it for reasons I am not going to expound upon in this post. (Write me privately and I might tell you why I was against it.)

I told her I didn’t want to go and she decided we were going to go anyway. I protested very loudly that I was not going in. She said that was fine but they were going to go in and eat. After we parked the van they all went in except me. As I sat in the van I decided I was going to protest by walking home. I started walking down the road and I took a route I thought Kelly would take when she was coming home. I thought when the kids saw me they would feel sorry for me and they would pick me up and all would be good for me.

Well, my stupidly was short lived. Kelly had took a different route home than I expected her to take and so I had to walk the entire 25 miles. I finally got to the Wal-Mart in Wood River. It was at the old location before they rebuilt. This was before everyone in the family had cellphones and so I didn’t have a cellphone to call and ask for a ride.

When I got to the Wal-Mart I got on the payphone and called Kelly at home and begged for a ride home. I had walked 25 miles to the Wal-Mart and it was another 15 miles to our house. I was beat and couldn’t make it another mile.

Kelly came and got me and she left the kids at home with Veronica. I was embarrassed and tired and I felt like a real fool. Kelly ask me how my walk was and why I decided to walk home but I was too mad to say anything.

We worked through this stupid fight and we have been married over 20 plus years. I learned a valuable lesson. When Kelly decides to eat at a restaurant come in and eat or it might be a long walk home.

Needless to say I learned a lesson from this stupid incident and I never did it again.

My question for you is, have you ever done anything stupid like this? Are you willing to share? I hope I am not the only stupid person in the world.

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