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What Do You Think About This Shame Thing?

I was reading the other day about people putting other people down and making them feel bad by shaming them. They make them feel bad by telling them how worthless they are for doing whatever it is that they have done. They are ashamed already and then people add to it by putting them down by telling them that they are ashamed of them for what they did.

For some of you this may seem like; no big deal but it is a form of bulling. People become so ashamed that they close people out and they have a hard time functioning as a normal person. To me that is not nice.

I hope you are not in this group who is doing everything you can to make those around you feel ashamed. Most people when they do something wrong they have enough shame for all involved. You add your ugly comments and it does nothing to help the situation.

One big form of the shaming is found on Facebook. People post stuff like, "if you don’t like this post or if you don’t share this post you don’t love Jesus" or you are against whatever it is about. Most people share these post because they have been made to feel ashamed; not because they believe in what has been posted.

You will notice that I don’t share these posts. Not because I don’t like Jesus or horses. I am not against the second amendment or I don’t hate Trump. I am not going to be bullied or shamed by you.

If you really read the posts you can see they are using this shaming and bulling to get you to like or share their posts. All they are looking for are big numbers.

The other day I saw a post of a sick girl in a bed that was dying. The post said, "if you don’t like it or share it you don’t care if she dies." Well, yes I care but I am not going to like it just because you try to shame me or bully me. I am more likely to share or like it if you leave your shaming comments off.

Sorry for the rant but I needed to blow off some steam. If you disagree let me know what you think. You have a right to your opinion and I would love to hear it.

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