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Foxes Grove in Wood River, Illinois

I wanted to share a short story about our time at Foxes Grove in Wood River.

After a couple of bad experiences trying to find a church who didn’t have a problem with my situation; we decided to try something different.

We went and met with the director of Foxes Grove to find out if we could conduct services there for the people of Foxes Grove. She agreed and we were given a room to hold our services.

We went around and put flyer on all the doors letting the folks know we would be holding a non-denominational service on Sundays.

The first few services when really well and due to the large attendance they decided to move us to a bigger room. The management gave us an excellent situation as we were able to collect an offering and offer communion to those who attended.

Each week we held an song service and Kelly and I provided special music and I preached a sermon each week.

My Dad came up for a visit a couple of times and he played his violin for them and he also preached for them.

The offering we took up helped cover our expenses so we didn’t make any money. Kelly and I both offered our services for free. Things went really good for a long while. We tried holding two services but it didn’t work out very well as most only attended one of them.

Someone heard about our ministry and a church in Kane, Illinios called and asked to interview me. They took Kelly and I out to a restaurant and they talked with us. They liked us and asked me to candidate at the church. We went to the church and I preached and they called me at their Pastor. We tried to keep the Foxes Grove ministry going but as we got involved in Kane it made it harder and harder so we had to drop it.

The hardest part of leaving Foxes Grove was the people. We had made many friends there. We had lost many too while we were there as we saw many died over the years. Our hearts we broke each time we lost one of those who attended our services.

For those wondering how long ago this was it was back in 2000 so it was about 19 years ago. I went back over there in 2004 for a visit and all those we knew there were gone or had pasted away.

Our time at Foxes Grove was a very sweet time and it was a real joy to minister to the folks there. We pray for those who still minister to those who are still there.

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