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As I was driving I heard someone on the radio say that people don’t feel guilt or remorse like they use to years ago. He shared a story about a girl at Prom who went into the bathroom and had a baby and tried to flush it down toilet. Then she went back out and was dancing and didn’t feel any guilt or remorse. How sick is that?

What is going on in our world? I heard a story recently about a man in our area who walked up and shot a guy in the head for no reason and just walked on down the street like nothing had happened.

People seem to have lost their conscience and they don’t know right from wrong. I know when I do something wrong I feel bad about it. I sometimes feel bad about things that are not my fault just because something has happened to someone and I feel bad. But now days many have lost that feeling of right and wrong.

The other day Kelly came home and was feeling bad about someone who had lied to her and she caught them in a lie. The sad part is the person who lied had no guilt and they just went about their merry way. But she felt guilt for them.

Don’t you hate it when someone lies to your face and they just go on about their business and feel no remorse or guilt? People don’t realize the damage the do to people’s lives when they do thse type of things.

This is why so many folks are going to end up in Hell. They sin and sin and their mind becomes seared and the have no guilt or conscience and so they never admit they are a sinner and one day they will wake up in Hell. People wake up!!! Christ is coming again and you need to get your hearts right with God.

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