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I ask that you not read this posts if you are not mature enough to think for yourself and you don’t really know right from wrong. If you are brainwashed and you let other people tell you what to think then stop here and close this post.

Many of our elected officials are trying to tell us what to think and it is time that we think for yourselves. I don’t mean to offend you but there are many people out there that can’t think for themselves. They let their friends; elected officials, TV personalities, and etc. do their thinking. If you can think for yourself, you know right from wrong.

What I am about to share is common sense and those who can think for themselves can decipher it.

We have people coming into our country illegally by the thousands. For those who have a brain and can think “illegal” means that they are doing something that is against the law. That means they are breaking the law.

We have people who have no common sense and they think people who are in our country illegally deserve to be treated better than American citizens. Are you really serious? You think our homeless, our veterans, our senior citizens, and people who live in our country legally should be treated worse than those who are here illegally? Think about this before you answer because you are agreeing that people who are here illegally should be put before legal American citizens.

People are fighting against a wall on our southern border. I grant you it won’t keep everyone out but it will cut down a great deal on the influx of illegal people coming in.

When the Bible describes Heaven it talks about a wall around it. Why? To keep out those who shouldn’t come in and to be very frank with you they wouldn’t get in even if there wasn’t a wall because God is all powerful and He could stop it. America isn’t God and we can’t stop everyone from coming in that shouldn’t. Note: Hell has no wall and anyone can get in if that is where they want to go. Heaven has requirements to get in and nobody will get in without meeting those requirements. NO EXCEPTIONS!

So what I am asking you is to use your brain. Almost every one of our elected officially who oppose a wall on our southern border have a wall around their property. Why? Common sense… to keep out those who do not belong!

Uses the brain God gave you and think for yourself. Even many of those who oppose the wall use to support it. They are just play politics and those who follow them blindly are doing the same thing. Open your eyes and think for yourselves.

I called my senator about him not supporting a wall on the southern border. The person who answered the phone told me he is just following his democratic leadership. So he can’t think for the people or himself?

I lock my door at night to keep out those who I don’t want in. I can’t afford a wall like many of the elected officials we have. I don’t have lifetime income and benefits like our elected officials. Most of them are becoming billionaires with the money we are paying them. Why are we broke and can’t pay the military and the senior citizens who have paid into social security? Because our government is paying those former senators, former representatives, and former presidents; a lifetime salary and benefits. When is the gravy train going to run out?

They are rich and can afford their own retirement. But they continue to take from us. Many of them make more in a month than you earn in a year.

Let me hear from you. I would love to hear your comments.

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