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Some Memories

Today I thought I would write about some of my past memories. I have loads of things I could write and maybe I have written about them before and if I did I am sorry.

One day I was discouraged and needing an uplift and I didn’t really want to burden anyone and so I just decided to make a call on a family in the church who was always an encouragement to me.

I stopped over at John & Debbie O’Dell’s house. They invited me in and Debbie offered me a Dr. Pepper. I am not sure how she had my favor drink on hand as I don’t think they drink Dr. Pepper. We sat in the living room and chatted for awhile and before I knew it I was back on top of the world. My discouraged heart was encouraged.

It doesn’t take much to encourage someone and if you just take a little time and show them you care about them. Several families in the church have been an encouragement to me over the years. I have always appreciated it when they sacrificed a little of their time to me.

I hope you know this is important. There is always someone who needs you to be an encouragement to them. Take some time and let them know you care.

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