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Retired And Forgotten

I retired from the ministry I am not sure how many years it has been. When I retired I never knew that many of the people I knew over the years of my ministry would forget me. I think every day about them and I still pray for them.

When you go into the ministry you find out very quickly that many of those you served over the years will forget about you. I have a few that keep in touch with me. On the other hand there are many who forget the many years you prayed and begged God to protect and bless them.

Since I resigned my last church I have had only one phone call from a former member who called and asked me how things were going. What a blessing that was. I had a former friend from my church in Kane come and visit me at my home. I visited with a friend who was a member of the church in Kane in a restaurant.

I still pray for all of people I served as Pastor over the years. Some may have died because I never hear but I still pray for them. I had some who didn’t really like me and I pray for them too. If you are a former member and you are reading this I want you to know I have prayed for you a great number of times.

I don’t feel sorry for myself as I served the Lord with my whole heart. I gave Him a 100% and those I served I gave them my all. Now I am retired and things have slowed down a great deal.

I just want you to know I haven’t forgotten you. Many of you I still follow on Facebook but many of you I don’t know where you are but I am praying for you.

My prayer is that God continues to bless you. Keep in touch.

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