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The New Year Is Almost Here

The new year is almost here. It will be here next week. So I am assuming that many of you are making New Year’s resolutions. I am not going to do that this year as usually before the week is up the resolutions are broke. My guess is that if you make a New Year’s resolution that it will be broken before the week has pasted by.

Why is that? I think the reason this happens is that we set our goals too high. What we need to do is set small goals that we can reach and then after we reach them we can push the goal to a little bit for in the weeks after. I think why most of them fail is that when we set the goals too high and we give up on them before we even have a chance of reaching them.

I want to encourage you if you decide to make a resolution this year that you not set your goals so high that you give up before the ink is dry on the paper you wrote the goal on.

Thanks for following my blog. I appreciate each of you that read my blog. Some of you are regular readers and others just drop in when they think about it. Whatever you choose to do I do appreciate your dropping by.

Well, drop by again when you can and feel free to write me at . Looking for to hearing from you.

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