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2018 Year In Review

Looking back over this past year much has been done and many events have happened. The year started off rough with Dianne’s death. I won’t go into all the details but this was a very rough time for Kelly and the entire family.

Losing a loved one is never easy and it becomes very difficult when you must deal with other things as well. Kelly had a very hard time and she still is having a tough time this Christmas thinking about the lost of her sister this past year. It happened around Valentine Day so that added to the experience.

Kelly and the girls went to Florida for a getaway and they had a great time. I think it helped her to slow down a bit and relax. She doesn’t do that very often.

Later in the year I went down to Texas to visit with Dad and Mom. It was a great trip down there and I enjoyed my time but on the last day we went to eat at a restaurant and Dad and some other guys had a jam session. The burger I ate didn’t set well with me and I didn’t sleep very good. I was up several times during the night and I left very earily in the morning and I had to keep stopping as I had the runs. I think I got some food poisoning from the burger I ate. When I was eating it I thought it tasted funny but I didn’t say anything. I didn’t get sick until later after I went to bed. Then it took me forever to get home as I had to keep stopping to go to the bathroom. That was a very bad experience driving home.

We didn’t get to camp much this past year as it seemed like we were busy every weekend with this or that. I have been able to write in my blog almost every day over the past year. I wrote in my journal daily and sometimes I had to go back because I got so busy I wasn’t able to write but for the most part I wrote in it every day.

This past year was a bit harder loading my blog on Facebook because Facebook use to let me have my blog load automicaly. They changed that and so not I have to load it manually each day. It takes more time but I am glad I can still post it on Facebook.

Well, that is about all for today. Thank you for your comments on my blog. Some of you are probably too busy to comment but I do appreciate those of you who do comment.

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