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Christmas Eve

Not sure what you are doing for Christmas Eve? This year it falls on Monday and Kelly has the day off and Christmas Day too. It is a good time to get your Bible out and read the Christmas story found in Luke 2. I can quote most of the chapter. I learned it when I was younger and each year I keep repeating it to keep it in my memory. It makes for a great story if you can quote in by memory for your kids or your grandkids.

Things around here are going to slow down a bit today and on Christmas Day. Years ago when the kids were still home we went to Kelly’s mom’s house on Christmas Eve with the kids and all of Kelly’s sisters and their families. Now with her mom gone and both of her sisters gone it is going to be quite different. The kids won’t be coming and we will be all alone. One year we went to a movie but that grows old. This year we are going to go out for dinner and then watch some Christmas movies.

Some of you have been writing and telling me your plans around Christmas and I appreciate that. I hope you have a great day.

I was wondering what those of you who are in Texas & Arizona are going to do? No snow so you won’t be sledding. You have any fires going right now?

Well, I will kick off for now. Come back tomorrow I have a wonder Christmas story I am sharing.

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