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December Is Always Filled With Memories, Right Gerry?

I am sure we all have many memories about the month of December. I have a bunch of them but I have written about most of them in my blog already.

Over the many years I have lived here in Alton I have met new friends and had many wonderful memories. I want to share one of them with you.

While I was Pastor in Kane we had a youth group. We had many wonderful people help us with the youth group. But for the Christmas’ we were there in Kane a wonderful lady named, Gerry Grizzle made our Christmas great for our youth group.

Every year we were at Kane, Gerry Grizzle planned a special birthday party for Jesus. It was our Christmas party for the youth group and we always had a Happy Birthday, Jesus birthday party. Gerry would make a cake and we sang happy birthday to Jesus. It was always a wonderful time and the Kids enjoyed it so very much. I have heard over the years from some of the kids and they always said that that birthday party always stood out in their memory.

Thank you Gerry Grizzle for making a big deal about the birth of Jesus. When we moved on to Pleasant View we missed having Gerry but we still had a birthday party for Jesus.

Wouldn’t it be nice if more people had a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas? It is His birthday and we are expecting all kinds of gifts. Why not give Him a gift?

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