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Snow Brings Memories Back

The last couple of days we have gotten some snow. This reminds me of a story that happened before I went to Baraboo.

I was working as the Junior Church Pastor under Dr. Jim Delashmit’s ministry and I received a call to candidate at a church in Michigan. I made the long trip to this small town in Michigan to candidate at this church.

The night I got there was a Saturday night and they took me to the church for a meeting with the pulpit committee. They gave me a grand tour of the church. It was about a five hundred seat auditorium which was unfinished. They told me that a year before they had a church split and they hadn’t been able to finish the work on the building as they didn’t have the finances.

When I got up on Sunday morning and went to the church that Sunday they had a fresh dusting of snow on the ground. It reminded me of the snow we are getting now. They held the service in the large entrance way of the church. They could seat about 50 in this area. We had wonderful service and then I met with the pulpit committee again after eating after the morning service.

I found out that the church split was about the front door to the church. The chairman of the Deacons wanted a solid wood door and the Pastor wanted a solid glass door. I noted that they had a solid glass door but when the church split more than half of the people left with the Deacon.

They went on the other side of town and started another church. The Pastor stayed for a year after the split and then had just resigned two weeks before they invited me to candidate.

To make a long story short they wanted me help them get the two churches back together. They had been talking since the Pastor had resigned and they felt if they could reunite the two congregations. I told them I didn’t have enough experience to do it and suggested that they not bring the two churches back together as it would only make matters worse for them. (The other church had called a Pastor who was leaning towards another denomination and I felt it would only cause a problem.)

I went back home and put the matter out of my head. Several months later I got a call to Baraboo and we moved there and I became the Pastor.

As I neared one year at Baraboo I got a call from someone in that church from Michigan. They somehow got the two churches together and the other church joined them in their building and brought their Pastor with them.

It wasn’t long before a problem broke out and the folks I had met with were without a church and the other church had taken their building. I hurt for them but when I was there I warned them what might happen. The man who called said they were sorry they didn’t take my advice.

God spared me from that situation and I ended up being in Baraboo almost 16 years. Truly I am thankful for the years I was able to serve the Lord. Not everything was smooth and we had our ups and downs but we saw many souls saved and baptized and I was able to experience the moving of God.

I learned many valuable lessons in Baraboo and made some very good friends. I will not forget what God taught me while I was in Baraboo.

Every time I see snow like this a am reminded of my trip to Michigan and then on to Baraboo. On my first Sunday we had about 4 inches of snow on the ground. Over the years I was in Baraboo we had many Sundays with snow. God saw us through each and every experience. I can only say that I have been blessed to be able to serve our Lord and Savior. I would not give up anything in place of my service for the Lord.

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