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Three Things I Think Are Very Important Today?

Today I want to talk about three things that I think are very important for today. Many of you have stuff you think is important and many times with each day what we feel is important changes.

1. The first thing that I think that is important today is, have to accepted Christ as your Savior?

The reason I feel this is important is that time is running out. Every day it is getting closer and closer to the return of Christ. Soon that day will be here and many will not be prepared. So if you are not prepared I think now would be a good time to get prepared.

2. The second thing that I think that is important is, have you read your Bible today?

We ought to read our Bible every day as it is the way God talks to us. We need to hide His Word in our hearts and the one way we can do this is by reading His Words every day. It is important that you let God speak to you each day.

3. The third thing that I think that is important is. have you talked to God today?

It is important for God to talk to us but we need to talk to Him too. We do that by praying. I am not talking about that short prayer you pray before eating. I am talking about talking to Him about what you are going to do today. I am talking about you thanking Him for another day of life. I am talking about you pouring your heart out to Him.

Take some time to think about these three things as I think they ought to be important to you today too. I am praying for you today and I hope you will remember that it is very important to keep in touch with God.

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