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Sam Martin, Punter for Detroit Lions

I have gotten many emails lately asking if I was the same Sam Martin that plays for the Detroit Lions.

I am sure you are going to be disappointed but I am not the same Sam Martin. I have watched him play recently and he seems like a good guy but I am not him and I don’t know him. So if you are writing me because you think I am a celebrity I am sorry to disappoint you.

When you see someone like this that has your name you watch them more often than not. I do because I wonder what kind of guy he is. I googled him and read everything I could find on him. I have never made the money he is making and I could never to what he does on the football field.

I do want to see him be successful in the field he has chosen. I think many of those who have been reading my blog might have been looking him up and they found my blog. Thanks for dropping by and I hope you will stay with it and read my blog regularly.

For those who have written asking me who I was I am just a retired Pastor of 34 years. I have spent those years serving the Lord. Not much glory in it but I am not seeking glory I just want the name of Jesus magnified. It was a joy to serve our Lord and I want to continue to serve Him by spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ.

I hope you will join me on my journey and read my blog. Feel free to write me at . I love hearing from you even if you are a Detroit Lions fan. If you compare his picture and mine you would know we aren’t the same person.

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