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Dear Pastor Sam

Dear Pastor Sam,

We attend a mega church in Florida and we don’t really want to be involved in the small groups. We keep getting emails from the church about joining and we are just not interested. My husband wants to quit going because of all the pressure they are putting on us when we go to church and via email. What should we do?

Just Not Interested

Dear Just Not Interested,

Sometimes we church leaders can get a bit over zealous and we push people away. I am sorry for what is happening to you. Please don’t quit going.

I recommend that you send an email to the church and explain the situation. Tell them you enjoy the services but you are not interested in the small groups and you would like them to quit putting so much pressure on you to join one. Then when you are at church if someone says something just explain that you are not interested and you would appreciate if they would quit pushing you. I am sure this will work if you do it in a spirit of love.

Pastor Sam

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